Soulager Acoustic Duo
Fr. verb. 1. to ease; to relieve; to unburden
soo - la - zhay
Jennifer's deliverance of soulful music provides a temporary
escape for the listener's state of mind. Her deep roots in
"bluesed-out" rock influence her style and approach and impart
rich texture to the songs she and Alan carefully select. She is also
a singer and songwriter whose work is filled with relentless and
undeniable faith.

Jennifer believes that music, like oxygen is a crucial element to
mental and physical wellness, hence the name of the duo,
"Soulager". The french verb (pronounced : soo-la-zhay) means: to
ease or relieve. "Good music provides a balm for the weary mind."
Singing with passion and conviction, her raw and rootsy voice beg
you to Rock Your Gypsy Soul.

Alan has played guitar in numerous working bands since he was a
teenager, fulltime for awhile. The musical genres spanned adult
pop, rock, R&B, funk, jazz, Latin, blues, folk and country. He was
often the youngest in the group, usually working with much older
musicians. "I had the good sense to work with the older musicians
whenever I got the chance, often learning things I didn't realize I
needed to know."

This is Alan's first duo, which brings new challenges. "I have a
new respect for drummers who have tempo down to an artform,
since I'm now the main percussionist."